The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) welcomes Greg Radford as Director of the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF).
Click to read article.
UNCTAD's 8th Multi-Year Expert Meeting on Commodities and Development
21-22 April 2016, Room XXVI, Palais des Nations, Geneva. Click to Register and View Agenda, Documents and Programme.
Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
2016 UN ECOSOC Special Meeting Took Place on March 30, 2016. Click to Read IISD's Article.
Global Commodities Forum 2016 to take place in Nairobi, 15-16 July.
Breaking the Chains of Commodity Dependence. Click to Register and Read Documents and Programme.
IGF and World Economic Forum Conference: The Sustainable Development Goals and Mining. Side Event Took Place at PDAC 2016 in Toronto, March 5th.
Did You Miss IGF Meeting at PDAC 2016 Toronto? Click to Read a Summary.
EITI's 7th Global Conference in Lima, on 24-26 February, 2016. Click to Read More.
IGF-RCS Global Joint Workshop to Apply the Compact Guidance for Governments on Managing Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining. Side Event to Take Place on February 23, 2016. Save the Date!
Sustainability Roundtable and Joint Workshop Session, 9 February 2016
IGF and Mining Dialogues 360˚ Host Roundtable Events at Mining Indaba. Click to View IGF Event Updates.
11th IGF AGM: Attended by more than 230 participants from 54 countries.
2015 IGF Annual General Meeting was hosted by UNCTAD in Geneva, Switzerland from October 26 to 30, 2015.
IGF Public Consultation: Guidance for Governments on Managing Artisanal Small-Scale Mining. Register on MPF Framework website to Engage.
IGF Secretary Andrew Dawe launched the first draft of the Guidance for Governments on Managing ASM at OECD 9th Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains, May 4-6, Paris. Click to read the Guidance.

The Mining Policy Framework (MPF) is a document of best practices to promote good governance in the mining sector. The MPF Framework was developed by the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) and was officially recognized as a unique document at the 19th Session of UN CSD  held in May 2011 in New York. The MPF Framework is implemented by the IGF  and is endorsed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).


NEW MEMBERS IN 2016: France, Germany, Iran, The Netherlands and Rwanda

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